Raptor Doublemax Slot Review: High Volatile and RTP 96%

Hold on! You must read this Raptor Doublemax slot review before starting the game! Developer Yggdrasil is bringing this game back to a ‘forgotten country before time,’ where ‘creatures roam the world, battling for power.’ 

To put it another way, this game is a game replete with the flora and fauna of a past era when dinosaurs reigned supreme. 

It’s also a game with an insanely high multiplier in free spin increments that you’ve probably never seen before. There are a few more aspects as well, which are refreshingly simple in some ways yet combine to make something extremely volatile when put together.

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Summary Raptor Doublemax Slot Review

Raptor DoubleMax is played on a five-reel, three-row game grid with 25 fixed paylines. It takes place in a gloomy forest where everything has a strange, overgrown, even alien aspect to it; no doubt it was a very different planet back then. 

The colorful plant life and the possibility of massive, terrifying animals hiding around every tree, ready to maul unwary mammals give the place an Avatar feel. Despite the game’s aggressive intensity, the soundtrack is surprisingly peaceful, and the orderly way symbols drop into the grid induces a relaxing feeling.

1. Volatile and Return to Player

What we imply is that Raptor DoubleMax isn’t simply a high-volatility game; it’s also dubbed ‘Super High’ by its developer. Its bonus game’s double-up multiplier can get ridiculous, but it does require some winding up. 

Otherwise, floundering at lower levels might be just as frustrating. Other key parts of the math model include a 96% RTP, which is above average, and a hit frequency of 30.5%.

2. Paying Symbols

Players win in Raptor DoubleMax when matching symbols line up left to right from the leftmost reel, with bets ranging from 20p to £/€60 every spin. The pay symbols start with J-A card ranks before moving on to four premium dinosaur symbols earning 0.30 to 5 times the bet for five of a kind. 

Wild symbols emerge at various points throughout the game to help players construct winning lines by substituting for any pay symbol. Wilds are an important part of the characteristics, which feed off of one another to produce some spectacular outcomes.

3. Game Features

A cascading mechanism known as the Dropdown feature is active at all times in Raptor DoubleMax. A Golden Bet, free spins, a free spins gamble, and a doubling multiplier are all included.

Dropdown Feature

The Dropdown feature removes all winning symbols from the reels after each win. Then a wild sign appears in one of the vacant spots, with additional symbols flowing in from above filling the remainder. 

If wilds are used in a winning combination, they are removed together with the other winning symbols. When no new winning combination arises, the cascade comes to an end. 

Every win in the Dropdown doubles the win multiplier, which starts at x1. Any current win is multiplied by the multiplier, which resets among paid spins.

Free Spins and Multiplier

The free spins game is triggered by landing at least three scatter symbols. Players can choose to collect or risk their winnings for a bigger quantity (7, 10, or 13 free spins) before they begin – unless they start from 13. 

Keep in mind that if you lose the gamble, you’ll forfeit your free spins. Free spins follow the same rules as the base game, except that the win multiplier does not reset. It can technically grow to dinosaur proportions because it doubles on every Dropdown.

Golden Bet

There are a few ways for players to increase their chances of triggering free spins. One is the Golden Bet, which is an optional bonus in which you can select whether or not to play. 

When this feature is turned on, the likelihood of triggering free spins doubles, but the cost of doing so increases by 25%. Alternatively, players can buy the bonus right away for 100x their stake if it is available.

Raptor Doublemax slot game is practically the same as Mars Odyssey, Cleopatra, or Diamond Dozen slot machines. Just read the review and find out what we mean by it.

Our Final Thoughts

Raptor DoubleMax has a lot to entice players who enjoy high-stakes, high-volatility games. It has the same graphics and a similar concentration on multipliers as Multiply, therefore it can be considered a sequel in some aspects. 

This game, on the other hand, is a whole other species that has been masterfully put together such that each feature fits in with the others to create some very remarkable moments. 

After all of Raptor Doublemax slot reviews, this is a super volatile game, so this king4d game can make you feel like a brontosaurus has stepped on your foot at times.